Welcome to Little Monkey Work Shop

Hi everyone! Here’s a little about us and the Little Monkey Work Shop. 

I’d been doing tshirts as a ‘side hustle’ for a few years, but mostly just made for friends and for our own family (we have seven children!). Last Christmas (2018), I asked my husband for a 3d printer to add to my skill set and as something new for me to master and play with.

When covid hit, I was still very very new to 3d printing but immediately I started printed face shields and ear savers and started donating them to those on the front line and other essential workers. Quickly I discovered I needed the help of my husband and our eldest son. We crowd funded a second printer with the help of our family and friends to keep up with the demand. When the ppe shortage slowed in May, I started printing Covid tool keychains and then face masks and the rest is kind of history. My husband was laid off, then subsequently terminated because of covid. We decided around June to go ahead and make this a legitimate business. It’s definitely been a learning curve for us. Trying to decide what is most important to us as a business. 

The biggest obstacle we’ve faced is respecting intellectual property and copyrights. 

As a business, we’ve decided it’s of the upmost importance that we support artists. We love supporting local and small artists and collaborating with them. 
We ensure all the artwork we use has been obtained legally. 
Unfortunately, this also means that we will not do the Disney, Marvel, type characters or other copyright designs. 

We understand that these designs and items are very popular and will reduce our target audience and we’re okay with this. As a business, we just don’t feel that it’s worth risking our entire business to create these items when we rely on it to support us and our family. 

Thank you for the support you’ve given us over the last year. We really appreciate every order. 🥰

Please note we strive to have all orders completed within a two week period. 
If you’ve not received any updates, please contact us at info@littlemonkeyworkshop.com.