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Our white aprons are 100% polyester and look and feel just like cotton. The aprons are very durable and are of an industrial quality. These polyester  aprons are bleach resistant, fade resistant and absorbent. There aprons are great for any baking and cooking or kids arts and crafts such as painting.


Adult aprons:

  • Fabric Size: 28" x 20" (71.1cm x 51cm)
  • Neck Strap length folded in half 14"
  • waist strap on each side of fabric is 41" long on both sides for  total of 82" of strappin
  • Bleach resistan
  • No pilling and highly absorbent

Child sized aprons:

  • Fabric si3 20" x 21"
  • Neck strap is  31.5" with adjustable neck.
  • Bleach resistant
  • No pilling and highly absorbent
  • Recommended for toddlers and small children