Custom Beach Towel

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  • 100 % customizable with a design of your choice
  • Experience the super soft feeling of premium microfiber bath towels against your skin without the heft and bulk; unlike traditional towels you simply pat yourself dry not wipe
  • Ultra-absorbent dual pile microfiber thoroughly dries your body and hair faster and gentler than traditional fibers; on rough or very dry skin microfiber can feel a little like it's "clinging" to your skin
  • Towels will quickly dry when hanging to help prevent the formation of mildew and odors
  • Larger Size 144.8 x 76.2 cm surface area for maximum drying with a stylish satin trim; compared with standard 137.2 x 68.6 cm
  • Lightweight and folds into a compact size to be used in the home, on travel, at the pool, camping, gym or anywhere else